A Holy Hole In One

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Welcome to A Holy Hole in One the website. The purpose of the book is to raise awareness and funds to develop the second 18 hole golf course in Israel. All of the author’s proceeds from the book will go into the construction of the project. The book is about my journey through life and how I came to the dream of building more golf in Israel. If you have purchased the book, thank you for supporting affordable golf in Israel. If you haven’t, I hope you will and I appreciate any and all feedback.

“This engaging and informative memoir has a higher purpose than to anecdotally relate the narrator’s life: just as the game of golf “has contributed to the quality of life” (p. 272) for over twenty million Americans, so could an affordable golf course improve the lives of many Israelis. A Holy Hole in One uses humor and compassion to reach beyond a potential audience of golfers—to include Israeli families whose children could benefit from learning to golf, students and scholars of Middle Eastern studies, travelers, business people, and philanthropic humanitarians—in the hope of raising consciousness and funding to turn the narrator’s dream of Israel’s second golf course into a reality.”

-Jennifer-Lynn, Create Space Editor

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Proceeds benefit the Jordan River Golf Project